Create an Eventon Event

and link to the eTapestry eCart

  1. If the location of your event has not been set up – follow the instructions as per this page:
  2. Set up the event as an item in your eTapestry ecart
  3. Get the item ID from the eTapestry cart item
    1. Go to
    2. View the appropriate category and find your event – click on “View this item”
    3. Your event’s reference number is contained in the address bar after the “?” (see highlighted section below)

      Copy and paste this number into a plain-text editor. We will use this number when creating the link for the “Book now” button
  4. Give the event a title (this will appear as the display name of the event)
  5. Enter event details content into the “Visual” editor. Make sure all content is in between the columnize” shortcode opening and closing tags (see image).

    Note: If you don’t add the content between the shortcode tags, the content will simply appear in a single column instead of two.
  6. Add a subtitle (optional but recommended)
  7. Set the time and date
  8. Select a location or create a new location
  9. Toggle “Generate Google Map from the address” to “YES”
  10. Click on the “open event page” icon
  11. Leave the “Learn more about event link” for now we’ll enter an address after we publish
  12. Modify the get tickets for this event fields
    1. Button text: “Book now”
    2. Button link: your eTap reference ID
  13. Go the right hand side column – select:
    1. An event type category
    2. Select a colour for the event
    3. Choose a feature image (835px x 500px)
  14. Save as draft & preview
  15. If you are happy with preview – publish the event.
    The event will appear on the events page and home page
  16. Once published the event is given a permalink.
    Copy  the permalink into the “User Interaction for event click” and “Learn more about event link” text fields (see image)