The Cleary Fund

Grants for Historic Building Conservation

The Georgian Group administers the F.E. Cleary Heritage Fund, a small charitable trust whose aim is the conservation of Georgian architecture. The Group’s Executive Committee act as the Fund’s Trustees. Each year the Fund makes grants of between £250 and £1,000 to about ten projects. Grants are usually made towards the conservation of buildings, although they may occasionally be given towards other projects such as the recording of threatened buildings. The sums involved are small and the Trustees’ intention is therefore to prime schemes, prompt other sources to make grants and to fund specific elements in larger schemes.

The Trustees meet annually in September to consider all applications received over the year. The deadline for applications for the next round of grant-funding is 13 August 2019.

The following notes explain what information should accompany an application for a grant and the conditions attached to grants.

How to Apply

Supporting Information

Applicants should submit the following:

  1. A description of the building.
  2. A description of the works proposed and explanation of why they are necessary.
  3. Estimates of the cost.
  4. Plans and drawings showing the works.
  5. Images showing both general views of the building and high resolution digital photos of the fabric for which a grant is being sought.
  6. Proof of Listed Building Consent, Planning Permission or Faculty in the case of ecclesiastical works.

It is important that sufficient information is provided.

Conditions Attached To Grants

Applicants should submit the following:

  1. Once a grant is awarded it will remain available for three years. In some cases this period may be extended, but usually it will be necessary to re-apply for a grant if it has not been taken up within the period.
  2. Payment will be made, at the discretion of the Group’s officers, upon completion of the works. Submission of relevant approval documents, such as DAC or Listed Building Consent Approvals, will be required where relevant.
  3. Recipients must acknowledge the Group in any publicity arising from the work. Colour slides illustrating the building after completion of the work must be provided to match those submitted with the application. 

It is important that sufficient information is provided.