1996 – Volume VI

Author Article Pages
Susan And David Neave The Early Life of William Kent 4–11
Nicola Smith ‘Great Nassau’s’ Image, ‘Royal George’s’ Test 12–23
Donald Findlay The Pious Works of Henry Sephton 24–36
Peter Guillery and Paul Pattison The Powder Magazines at Purfleet 37–52
Christine Stevenson Æsculapius Scoticus 53–62
Giles Worsley The ‘Best Turned’ House of The Duke of Bedford 63–73
David Brock The Improvement of Coombe Place 74–84
Alan Mackley The Construction of Henham Hall 85–96
Margaret Wills George Bowes’ ‘Little House’ 97–101
Michael Sutherill The Garden Buildings at Audley End 102–119
Andrew White Gentlemen’s Houses in Lancaster 120–130
A. P. Baggs The After-Life of Wanstead 131–133
Brett Harrison The Servants of William Gossip 134–143