2013 – Volume XXI

Author Article Pages
Patricia Smith “Contriving Lord Conway’s House”: Who really designed Ragley Hall ? 1–14
David Wilson Michael Rysbrack’s antique head on modern shoulders 15–29
Cathryn Spence Thomas Robins and the Dorset sketches 30–46
Aldous Bertram Cantonese Models for the Great Pagoda at Kew 47–57
Paul Holden Trewithen and the Brettingham plans 58–72
John McLintock James Salisbury’s lost architectural model of Robert Adam’s General Register House in Edinburgh 73–87
David Oakey “The Most Perfect Palace in Europe”: Henry Holland, the Prince of Wales and the early Carlton House 88–105
Richard Suggett “Done after the Fantastic Order”: John Nash’s Restoration of St David’s Cathedral 106–122
Oliver Cox Arundel Castle as a Palladium of English Liberty 123–136
Jeremy Musson Jane Austen and Joseph Bonomi 137–150
Peter Lindfield Porden’s Eaton: William Porden’s role in the development of Eaton Hall, Cheshire, 1802–1825 151–165
David McKinstry “Our Great Architect”: Inigo Jones in the 1830s – a forgotten source for the English Italianate? 166–180
Johanna Roethe William Ranger and his artificial stone at Ickworth 181–196
Miles Barton “A Man of Sense”: Thomas Gibson’s portrait of Antonio Niccolini (1701–1769) 199–202
John Harris An Ashley Park Discovery 203
Will Hawkes Walpole right or wrong? More on No. 18 Arlington Street 204–211
Sue Berry The Castle Inn Assembly Room, Brighton and John Crunden 212–216
Barry Kennerk A House in the Barley Fields: Nos. 14-15 Upper Temple Street Dublin before the Act of Union 217–222
Andrew Byrne The Georgian Mews 223–225