John Sandoe Book Lists

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The Group is pleased to be working with John Sandoe Books in providing a list of books about various aspects of culture in the Georgian era. John Sandoe occupy a set of Georgian cottages a few minutes’ walk from Sloane Square Underground Station, off the King’s Road, Chelsea. The Georgian Group will receive 10% of sales of any books in this list ordered through the John Sandoe website. The purchase of these books is open to all, not just the charities’ members. 

John Sandoe are also happy to offer a finding service for out of print books on Georgian subjects under the same arrangement.

Details on the John Sandoe Georgian Group book lists can be found here:

John Sandoe founded the shop in 1957: according to a customer who knew the shop in its infancy, it began with three planks laid on bricks on which were laid out “all the books one could ever hope to find in one place”. More books and more shelves followed, more floors and an expanding shop front too, but the original ethos remains the same. John Sandoe have around 30,000 books, of which almost all are single copies.