26th November-Workshop - “Verre Eglomise”- Clunie Fretton


Workshop -  “Verre Eglomise”-  Clunie Fretton –   £80

 6 Fitzroy Square W1T 5DX 10.30am-3.30pm

 Refreshments and light lunch included. All materials supplied.

Learn the craft of Verre Églomisé and produce intricately decorated designs from gold leaf on glass. Verre Églomisé, though dating from Classical times, takes its name from the 18th Century French restorer and art-dealer Jean-Baptiste Glomy, who revived the craft during the Georgian period.

The day will focus on the technique of applying gold leaf, how to prepare and execute a design into the gold leafed surface, and how to finish the glass once the design is applied. All designs are welcome, but there will be particular focus and reference material provided for inspiration from the Georgian miniature silhouettes that saw popularity at this time. Feel free to bring along a picture of yourself in profile for transfer into miniature silhouette!