23 May-London Walk: Walthamstow


Tues 23 May (morning), £20

Walthamstow is now a suburb in the east of London with a very mixed population. However, two hundred years ago it was a village, half-a-days ride from London, with a number of Georgian houses, several of which survive. Most of the houses are close to St Mary’s church, which was then the parish church. These include the Vestry, now the Vestry Museum, which was built about 1730 and extended in 1756 and the alms houses, close by. Nearby is Orford House, which is early 19th Century. We shall then go down the hill to look at the outside of a mid 18th century Georgian mansion, originally known as Banks House, but is now Thorpe Coombe Hospital. We shall finish the walk to visit the superb 18th century Water House, which is now the William Morris Gallery.