Measured Drawing Prize

As part of our eightieth anniversary celebration the Georgian Group, working in concert with the Traditional Architecture Group (TAG), is running a measured drawing competition, open to entrants under 40 years of age in 2017.  

Measured drawing is the traditional way in which architects learn from their forebears through close observation and recording of architectural form, proportion, materials and detail. Until relatively recently, measured drawing formed part of every architect’s training, but today it is less commonly taught.

To help rekindle the art of measured drawing, and to promote the study, appreciation and understanding of Georgian architecture, The Georgian Group and the Traditional Architecture Group, a linked society of the Royal Institute of British Architects, are working together to run this competition for an original measured drawing of a Georgian building. This competition is one of a number of activities planned in 2017 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of The Georgian Group.

An entry form can be downloaded here: Measured Drawing Prize 2017 

The winner will be announced at the 2017 Georgian Group Awards.