Annual General Meeting

The 2016 AGM will take place on Friday 30 September, 12.30pm for 1pm, in the Mahatma Gandhi Room of the Indian YMCA, 1 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6AQ (south east corner of Fitzroy Square). Refreshments will be served afterwards at the Group's headquarters at 6 Fitzroy Square, W1T 5DX.

All members in good standing are invited to attend. Any member whose 18th birthday has fallen before the 30 September is entitled to vote at the AGM. Please send acceptances only to the Group's postal address or by Friday 23 September.

In accordance with the Constitution notice of the 2016 AGM has been served to all current members by post to arrive at their nominated address within the required 21 days prior to the meeting.

The details of the business covered by the agenda item on 'Constitutional Review' are below. The draft annual accounts for 2015 can be made available to any member on request and will be provided at the AGM. 

In accordance with the legal notice of the AGM all members should hereby make themselves aware of the following notice:

Constitutional Reform:

In accordance with announcement made by the Chairman at the 2015 AGM, the Executive Committee has been considering Constitutional Reform to improve its governance structures and, following advice from the Constitutional Review Sub-Committee, the EC resolved on 5th September 2016  to seek approval from Members and the Charity Commissioners for the Amendments set out in the Note by John McDonnell QC.

In summary, these fall into three parts:

Block 1: to provide the mechanism for the Georgian Group to become an Incorporated Charity in the future, should that be the course advised.  Should the mechanism be approved, the EC will take legal and financial advice, including consultation with the Charity Commission, on the advisability of becoming incorporated. If the EC concludes that the Group should become incorporated, it will present the matter for a vote at the 2017 AGM.

Block 2: to ‘tidy up’ certain drafting infelicities in the current Constitution. These are non-controversial amendments but the opportunity is taken to adopt them now.

Block 3: to provide substantive constitutional reform to improve the governance structures of the Georgian Group, and in particular, provide for:

Fixed terms of 3x3 years for EC members;

Fixed terms of 3x3 years for the Chairman, Treasurer, Vice-Chairmen and Chairman of the Young Georgians;

Fixed terms of 2x5 years for the Council;              

Reducing the EC from 21 to 12 elected members plus 3 ex officio members

Reducing the Council from 24 to 15 members

Providing for the creation and management of trading subsidiaries

Providing for the regulation of the Young Georgians

Raising the age limit of the Young Georgians from 30 to 35.

Clause 30 of the Constitution provides that constitutional amendments do not take effect unless approved by the Charity Commissioners and a 2/3 rds majority at a General Meeting where particulars of the proposed amendments have been circulated with the notice of the meeting.  Consequently, if this AGM approves the proposed Amendments in principle, the EC will seek Charity Commissioner approval and call a Special General Meeting to approve the Amendments by a 2/3 rds majority under Clause 30, upon which a new EC will be elected in accordance with the transitional provision set out in proposed Clause 12.2 attached.

This AGM is recommended to approve Blocks 1, 2 and 3, in principle, therefore, and mandate the EC to seek Charity Commission consent and call a Special General Meeting to bring the above into effect.

Any member who has queries on the above is welcome to contact the Secretary

The draft minutes of the 2015 AGM for approval at the 2016 AGM, can be found here:

 2015 AGM draft minutes