Assembly en Fete

The Georgian Group’s Celebration of 80 Years of Conservation 


An Assembly en Fête

 Thursday 22nd June 2017

In the Garden of Fitzroy Square

In Honour of 80 Years of Georgian Conservation


 7.00 p.m. – 10.30 p.m.        

 Dress: In the Spirit of the Age


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The celebration of another milestone in the history of the Georgian Group is nearly with us.   The symbol most associated with an 80th Anniversary is the Oak and, like the tree, the Group is growing sturdily – eighty is comparatively young for an oak tree.   Its roots are firmly embedded in our Casework; it has flourishing branches as it seeks to explore new ways of working through education; the much-anticipated Splendour exhibition; our American Friends; reaching out to our membership.   We hope that acorns are being successfully planted with the establishment of a new Committee for the Young Georgians.   An oak tree during its life cycle supports so much life and the Georgian Group can do the same.

 This invitation to help the Georgian Group celebrate this anniversary is very important to us.   It is the members who support and sustain the Group throughout the year and we want to make sure that as many of you as possible can join in the celebrations next June.   

‘a mixture of curious show – gay exhibition – musick – vocal and instrumental, - …and, though last not least, good eating and drinking for those who choose to purchase that regale.’

 Dr Johnson describing Vauxhall Gardens, quoted by Boswell (1778).


Our Assembly en Fête will echo some of the eighteenth-century delights of an al fresco entertainment with canapés and champagne; music, magic and much more.   We plan to hold a Lottery with some wonderful prizes; intrigue you with a Raree Peepshow; astonish you with clever magic; amaze you with acrobats; all in the lovely setting of the Fitzroy Square garden which will also be en fête.

 The tickets for the Assembly are £50 a head for members; £30 for Young Georgians.   These will be available to order online through the website.

 ‘The Spirit of the Age’, the dress code for the party, lies in your hands.   It can reflect other anniversaries such as the publication of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey; Lord Byron’s Manfred or Walter Scott’s Rob Roy, all of which appeared for the first time in 1817.   Equally you could celebrate 1937 in style.   J. R Tolkien’s The Hobbit might not be the way to go, but elegant costume can appear courtesy of Agatha Christie’s Dumb Witness and Death on the Nile.   You could look back to the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth which took place in the same month, May, as the Georgian Group was founded.   Any style of dress from 2017 will be equally welcome.