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Monday 1 October: Somerset and Wiltshire Country Visit
Monday 10 September: Dorset Country Visit
Saturday 29 September - Symposium: The Architecture of James Gibbs
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Thursday 1 November: Lecture - Georgian Women in Commerce and Industry
Thursday 22 November: London Walk - Shad Thames and Jacob's Island
Thursday 25 October: London Walk - The Adam Brothers' Great Plan
Thursday 27 September: London Walk - Constitutional Monarchy v Absolute Monarchy
Thursday 4 October: Berkshire Country Visit
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Thursday 6 September: London Visit - The Painted Hall, Greenwich
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Thursday 6 September: Repton Bicentenary Lecture
Tour: The Art and Architecture of the Irish Horse, 2019 – Dates to be confirmed
Tuesday 11 September: London Walk - Bedford Square
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Tuesday 13 November: Lecture - Georgian Women in Science and Engineering
Tuesday 16 October: Lecture - The Royal Mews
Tuesday 2 October: Lecture - Fonthill Recovered
Tuesday 20 November: Lecture - Foubert's Riding Academy in London and Paris, 1668-1768
Tuesday 23 October: Lecture - Neo-Classical Display in the Suburbs: Investigating George Bubb Dodington's Patronage and Taste
Tuesday 25 September: Lecture - 'Balloonomania' Belles: The Lost History of the Lady Aeronauts
Tuesday 27 November: Lecture - Chippendale and the Antique
Wednesday 17 October: North Yorkshire Country Visit
Wednesday 19 September: Oxfordshire Country Visit
Wednesday 26 September: Nottinghamshire Country Visit
Wednesday 5 September: Lincolnshire Country Visit
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